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James Parr

Co-Founder and CEO

James is a serial tech entrepreneur and designer who has spent his career working on dinner party favourites such as climate change, obesity, asteroid hunting, knowledge transfer, cancer detection, water stress, closed-loop manufacturing and mitigating violent extremism.

As well as his experience in hardware and software, he brings deep expertise in systems thinking, financial innovation, collaboration and partnerships to the task of tackling our current era of grand challenges.

Jordan Mcrae

Founder Octo23 Technologies

Depending on the day, Jordan wears the hat, or rather beanie, of inventor, entrepreneur and/or engineer. With degrees from both Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University in Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering he's built an experienced background of applying systems engineering to a breadth of fields.

From distributed space robots, to inventing new forms of wind energy harvesting for developing countries, and Artificial Intelligence technologies for Ocean Conservation Jordan is continuously intrigued by the convergence of invention, engineering, and systemic design and intelligence. ​

Jon Rushton

Product Designer

Jon is an experienced product designer with a focus on sustainability, aid dependency cycle avoidance and community based projects. He excels at solving interesting and challenging briefs which align with his ethics. Jon's talents in Computer Aided Design and additive manufacturing have made him the go-to product designer and prototype builder in the office.

Inspired by design and craft from a young age (thanks to the Weta Workshop Lord of the Rings documentaries), Jon continues this passion as a 3D printing enthusiast.

Eleanor Harding

UX Designer

Eleanor is a product-developing, pixel-perfecting, experience-building, interaction-designing, growth-hacking Supergeek.

Her range of technical experience in combination with an affinity for design has made her a force to be reckoned with. She is a mentor, speaker and founder with a track record for winning hackathons including the TechCrunch Disrupt EU Hackathon and the Skype Codess hack for women in tech. Eleanor is at her best when she's working hard helping people turn their big ideas into elegant products. (Currently on sabbatical).

Leo Silverberg

Interaction Designer

Leo is an interaction designer with a passion for the iterative prototyping process and exploring new technology. Always looking for new and interesting ways of creating digital interactions, Leo has worked with everything from microcontrollers such as Arduinos and Raspberry Pis to building multi-user experiences in Node environments and pushing the limits on what’s reasonable to send over websockets.

He recently graduated with a BSc in Digital Interaction Design from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, where he spent four years learning and applying the user centered design process on projects tackling various social issues.

Sarah McGeehan

Financial Director

Sarah is a social business and social finance innovation expert who was there at the beginning of the field. Her work has focussed on finding social and financial solutions to Grand Challenge type problems and she has honed deep skills in facilitation, workshopping, collaborative innovation and alternative models to persistent problems.

Sarah’s current and recent projects include innovation work for Barclays Bank, the US State Department, NESTA and the Social Investment Business (SIB).

We're always looking for passionate people with great minds. To submit a spontaneous application to Trillium Technologies, send us a CV and Cover Letter.