Social Media Co-ordinator

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Social Media & PR Social Media Co-ordinator Part-time London, UK

The Team and Company

Trillium Technologies is a company with a dedicated team of engineers and designers, aiming to develop technology platforms that tackle grand challenges. We are based in Vauxhall, London, within the British Interplanetary Society building.

The grand challenges we are passionate about addressing all fall within our three main target areas being climate, ocean, and space, with overlapping issues amongst them.

We take a mission centred approach, working with dedicated partners along the way in order to capitalise on different resources, expertise and opinions as to achieve a successful common goal.

The Role

As our social media guru, you will be passionate about delivering key content of our progress and goals to our beloved space loving followers.

You will be in charge of developing our multi channel social strategy (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, website, etc), identifying new opportunities and obstacles.

You will be connecting with our audience through these channels from an innovative and creative standpoint, be it through unique GIFs, hashtags, or ‘behind the scenes’ videos, whatever you deem most suitable.

You will have knowledge of how to segment our audience to then reflect the best media strategies for each.

You will be in charge of the preparation of Press Releases, meeting the strict standards and expectations of our partners (see below!), so you should have exemplary written skills and fluent in English.

You will monitor the social media calendar, setting milestone and targets for the rest of the team to help you meet.

You will continuously gain feedback and insight from current followers, to enhance and improve your future campaigns, and the rest of the teams future content creation.

The current project: We are NASA contractors.

Here’s the rare chance to work on a meaningful project with inspiring NASA minds. We’ve been working with NASA for six years, and SETI for two, to create a space where interdisciplinary researchers can come together for eight weeks, addressing grand outer space challenges.

We call it: the Frontier Development Lab. By matching planetary scientists with machine learning experts, innovative solutions are found to problems within the following space topics: Space Weather, In Situ Resource use (asteroid mining), and asteroid detection. Last year was a great success, and we plan on making it even better this year, with your help.

Future projects: The Open Space Agency

We’re part of a growing community of ‘Astropreneurs’ who believe that the technology, skills and industrial base to meaningfully contribute to space exploration are now within the reach of small teams of passionate individuals.

Can you stimulate and empower people to become Astropreneurs through your creative outreach skills? We need individuals to believe they can be a part of this Space Race, and you would be exposing them to our goals, projects, aims and events. We are in the process of creating a Space Elevator. This would facilitate the idea generation and execution of Space exploration initiatives by providing a ‘makerspace’ and area to work for the up and coming Astropreneurs.

Your profile & experience

  • To fully thrive in this position, you must face big complex problems with big creative ideas. More importantly, you will have a keen interest in the space industry and the steady progression of the human race (and artificial intelligence) into the next frontier!
  • You will be aware of the latest channels and stay ahead of trends and strategies in the world of social media outreach.
  • You are a confident individual who isn’t scared of sharing ideas with new people.
  • You are enthusiastic and persuasive, and enjoy targeting audiences through meaningful, entertaining, stunning and creative messages. You’ll take the reins on building and maintaining our followers - creating a cult of your own!
  • You will be fluent in English, and any more languages (Klingon) are welcome (but not essential)
  • Experience within the creative content/social media field is desirable, but if you are able to show the above traits with this being your first gig, you will be equally considered for the role. Finally, a longstanding interest in all that is Space is very much appreciated!


  • Pay: to be discussed / dependent on experience
  • Hours: Part-Time in office or remotely
  • You are a confident individual who isn’t scared of sharing ideas with new people.

If you were nodding your head throughout this whole description, and really see yourself being the person we are looking for, please send your CV, Portfolio and Cover Letter (and any further enquiries) to: